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Tim Stapleton Planet Horoscope, Tim Stapleton Zodiac And Ruling Planets

Tim Stapleton

Tim Stapleton

Real Name:
Timothy Gabriel Stapleton
Known As:
Tim Stapleton
Place of Birth:
La Grange IL, United States
Born / Date of birth:
Jul 19 1982 (age 33)

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Ruling Planet Horoscope
Tim Stapleton's Ruling Planet is Moon
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Tim Stapleton's Ruling Planet Horoscope

Ruling Planet
Birth Color(s)
Pink, Purple
Birth Flower(s)
Larkspur, Tulip, Water Lily
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
Silver (Argentum)
Medical Astrology
chest, breasts, and stomach

About Ruling Planets

Ruling Planets has one 1 or two 2 rulerships over zodiac signs. The symbolism associated with planets relates to zodiac signs along with houses of the horoscope in their various rulerships. Astrologers started to match qualities and energies of zodiac signs and planets through observations over time. An example is Aries which is ruled by Mars and has a similar characterizes and description. Mars, the first house which deals with a persons physical health, strength, the manner in which they project themselves. A Ruling Planet and its energies are the primary influence. Ruling Planets include the following, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Proserpine, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Chiron, Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter.


Moon "I feel"

Best Qualities


Worst Qualities


Symbol Meaning

Just as the Sun, the moon is just as important in your natal chart. The Sun is part of you, it is how other see. Your emotional nature and instinctive reasons based on past experience are represented by the Moon. Every regretted something you did and though that is not like me? These are immediate emotional responses which describe the way you behave in certain instances when you don’t have time to think things through. Those are your Moon sign qualities. Your deep emotions are your greatest need. The moon sign will be apparent to those around you. Your Moon personality should be kept hidden. It is your inner core, which feels fear, hate, jealousy and fantasies. Your moon personality also expresses joy and pleasure. Femininity and fertility are symbols of the Moon. The Moon sign also indicates the type of would you would choose as your lifelong mate. Constantly changing from new Moon to Full moon, be sure you too will change. The Moons position in your natal chart tends to point where your most emotional and often experience changes.