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May 24, 1983 ( age 32 )
Real Name:
Risa Murakami
Known / Aliases:
Saori Murase, Risako Mamiya, Rina Takeuchi, Sarina Takeuchi,
Born Place / Hometown:
Shinjuku ku, Tokyo Japan
Hair Length:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
5' 6" ( 66 inches) / 167 cm
Shoe Size:
8.0 US / 5.5 UK / 38.5 Euro
33-22-33 [ Bust (Cup Size) / Waist / Hips ]
Career History:
Actress, Model
The Open University of Japan, YMCA Tokyo Japanese Language School
Credits / Association:
Elite Model Look, Visit Japan
Other Resources / Appearances
Saori Murase / Risa Murakami (村上里沙) filmography 2013:
The Young Wife Next Door - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Pantyhose Mega Gangbang - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Homami Takasaka (高坂保奈美) and ASUKA, Lady Ad Lib Live - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Dear Please Dont Look - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Secretary in Coercion Suite Room - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Wifes Sex That Blooms Naughtily - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Sayoko Kuroki (黒木小夜子), Disgraced Newscaster - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Tall Lewd Nurse - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Chihiro Hara (原千尋), Noa (乃亜) and Homami Takasaka (高坂保奈美), Sexy Cabaret Club Misses - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Ayaka Tomada (友田彩也香), Tsumugi Serizawa (芹沢つむぎ) and Saki Hatsuki (初美沙希), Fucked in Husbands Presence - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Short Low Rise Pants x Exposure Date - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Confined By Her Half Sister - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Aoi Mikuriya (御厨あおい), World of Well Mannered Vulgar Folks - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Yukari Ayasaki (綾咲くるみ), Ayumi Iwasa (岩佐あゆみ) and Akira Matsushita (松下ひかり), Immediate Fellatio - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Forbidden Nursing - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Lonesome Traveler - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Special Investigator - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Professional Ladies Like to Dominate - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Akari Minamino (南野あかり).
Saori Murase / Risa Murakami (村上里沙) filmography 2012:
Immoral Teacher - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Akari Hoshino (星野あかり) and Chihiro Hara (原千尋), Semen Drinking Slutty OL - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Slut Sensitize Cock - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Homami Takasaka (高坂保奈美), Special Investigator - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Disgraced Newscaster - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Fucked in Husbands Presence - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Married Lesbians - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Ameri Ichinose (一ノ瀬アメリ), Azusa Ito (伊藤あずさ) and Yuri Konishi (小西友梨), Harem Gakuen Premium 3 - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Rio Hamazaki (浜崎りお), Rino Asuka (あすかりの) and Yuka Osawa (大沢佑香), Direct Insert Splash - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Fucked in Front of her Husband - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Madoka Kitahara (北原まどか), Fuck the New Girl 3 Times a Day - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Nipple Beauty Clinic - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Dream Polygamy - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Yumi Kazama (風間ゆみ), Sayuri Shiraishi (白石さゆり) and Natsumi Horiguchi (堀口奈津美), Real W Sex - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Yuka Osawa (大沢佑香).
Saori Murase / Risa Murakami (村上里沙) filmography 2011:
Worlds Largest Dick - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Natsumi Horiguchi (堀口奈津美), Saki Ootsuka (大塚咲) and Hikari Hino (妃乃ひかり), Nymphos Dirty Talk - Risa Murakami (村上里沙).
Saori Murase / Risa Murakami (村上里沙) filmography 2010:
Inkeiju Mischief 7 - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Natsumi Horiguchi (堀口奈津美), Polygamy Organization - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Minami Renjo (蓮条みなみ), Yuri Matsushima (松島侑里) and Yuka Osawa (大沢佑香).
Saori Murase / Risa Murakami (村上里沙) filmography 2009:
Random Sex with Beautiful Women - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Akira Ichinose (一ノ瀬あきら), Beautiful Cabin Attendant - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Super High Class Dream Harem Soapland - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Sayaka Minami (南沙也香) and Asahi Miura (三浦亜沙妃), Ultimate Body Horny Gals - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Serina Hayakawa (早川瀬里奈), Tsukasa Minami (南つかさ) and Asaki Natsukawa (夏川亜咲), Come Come Orgy - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Hikari Hino (妃乃ひかり) and Noa (乃亜), Taxi Prostitute - Risa Murakami (村上里沙).
Saori Murase / Risa Murakami (村上里沙) filmography 2008:
Harmony Gal Erotic Style The Two - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Rika Sakurai (桜井梨花), 20 Year Long TV Series - Risa Murakami (村上里沙), Gals Female Teacher Orgy - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Nagisa Hoshikura (星倉なぎさ), Natsumi Horiguchi (堀口奈津美) and Rei Kitajima (北島玲).
Saori Murase / Risa Murakami (村上里沙) filmography 2007:
Abnormal Extreme Great Promiscuity 2 - Risa Murakami (村上里沙) with Natsumi Mitsu (三津なつみ), NWaka Satoh (さとう和香) and Moe Oishi (大石もえ).
May 24 1983
Japanese AV actresses and AV idol Risa Murakami (村上里沙) was born in Shinjuku ku, Tokyo, Japan on May 24, 1983.
May 24, 1983
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