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Patricia Yurena Rodriguez Alonso Heart Desire Number ( Soul Urge )

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Patricia Rodriguez

Patricia Rodriguez's Heart Desire

The Soul Urge or commonly known as ones Hearts Desire comes from the vowels of ones name. The Letters A, a, E, e, I, i, O, o, and U, u. All the letters in ones names are calculated and give ones Hearts Desire Number. Note that if there is a Letter (y) included in a Name, it depends how the letter (y) it is pronounced. A vowel or consonant. It is impossible to know whether the letter (y) is a consonant. There are many variations of names from different countries and their pronunciations. This is why we have chosen to use the letter (y) in our tool as a vowel in all cases.
Full Name at Birth Patricia Yurena Rodriguez Alonso
Short version of name used Patricia Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez's date of birth March 6, 1990
Patricia Rodriguez's Heart Desire Number (single digit) is 9
Patricia Rodriguez's Heart Desire (Soul Urge Number) Number Total Sum is 72
Heart Desire Meanings
Heart Desire Number 9 aka Soul Urge Number ( as single digit )
Patricia Yurena Rodriguez Alonso Heart Desire Number is 9. A natural healer, helper for those around Patricia Rodriguez. It is in Patricia Yurena Rodriguez Alonso character to help those in need and to make the environment they are in a safer and better place. Those born with the Heart Desire number 9 generaly become couselors, guides or teachers. One surrounds themselves around people as if they are responsible for them. Friends and family feel comfortable about Patricia Rodriguez. Generous, sincere and concered for all walks of life. There is also a tendency in being a perfectionist. Having high ideals. One possesses great talents with the number 9, having good taste for arts, design, or photography. One may also be too sensitive and emotional, trying to help everyone and provide them with the necessary solutions, whether its money or material items, one would like to help any way they can. Unfortunately, not everyone can be helped and they must find their own path. One could say, Patricia Rodriguez vision is to take over the world. There must be balance in ones life and must become satisfied with what is around and within. Give love and accept love in return. It would be wise to focus on ones own satisfaction instead of what others want. Both in the material sense and spiritual. This will help in not feeling one is above everyone, and expecting to help those in need all the time. It is natural for those with the Heart Desire number 9 to give love, and in return, love is felt back, hence why the number 9 is very caring and giving.

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