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Nehir Erdogan Celtic Zodiac Sign Animal, Nehir Erdogan Celtic Horoscope Animals

Nehir Erdogan

Nehir Erdogan

Real Name:
Nehir Erdogan
Known As:
Nehir Erdogan
Place of Birth:
Izmir, Turkey
Born / Date of birth:
Jun 16 1980 (age 35)

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Celtic Animal Horoscope
Nehir Erdogan's Celtic Animal is Wren
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Nehir Erdogan's Celtic Horoscope - Animal

Celtic Animal Symbol
Birth Color(s)
Red, White, Pink, Yellow
Birth Flower(s)
Rose, Honeysuckle
Birth Stone(s)
Pearl, Moonstone
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
Mercury (Hydrargyrum)
Medical Astrology
lungs, arms, and shoulders

About Celtic Animal Horoscope

Celtic Animals Zodiac signs are according to their prominence and affiliation with the full moon, within every segment of the Celtic lunar year. The Celts Observing different flavors of their environment according to the season, honored the rhythms of nature. The full moon in each month held a special personality just like the Native American Zodiac. Celtic Animals symbols are affiliated with a tree featured in the Celtic Ogham. The Celtic animal signs and trees include, Eagle the Birch Tree, Quail the Rowan, Fox the Alder Tree, Deer the Willow Tree, Butterfly the Ash Tree, Owl the Hawthorn, Horse the Oak Tree, Salmon the Hazel, Wren the Apple Tree, Swan the Vine, Swallow the Ivy, Goose the Reed, Bee the Blackthorn, Crow the Elder Tree, Sparrow the Fir Tree, Rabbit the Gorse, Pheasant the Heather, and Dove the Aspen Tree.



Symbol Meaning

Being born under the sign of the Wren are the care takers of the Celtic animal horoscope. They are the new starters and have an incredible logical thinking. If you are looking for a fresh start then refer to them for advice and help. During worst of the hurricanes Wrens will demonstrate calmness and solid state of mind. This ability grants them respect from other people. They are ideal anti crises managers, never under pressure. However Wrens often tend to demand privacy in attempts to tackle down challenges. You will never find Wrens running from responsibility and from any blame that may be put on them. These people are always in strive for balance in their life. This means that their partners should work on providing them with relaxation after a hard day of work.