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June 6, 1973 ( age 42 )
Real Name:
Nadia Nyce
Known / Aliases:
Nadia Nyce
Born Place / Hometown:
Hair Length:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Moderate Brown
5' 7" ( 67 inches) / 170 cm
34C-24-34 [ Bust (Cup Size) / Waist / Hips ]
Career History:
Actress, Glamour Model,
Credits / Association:
Rodney Moore, Rodnievision, Leisure Time Entertainment, Odyssey, Gentlemens Video, Foxes, Anabolic Video, Adam & Eve, Apple, Wicked Pictures, Busty Fever, Filmco Releasing, 4-Play Video, Legend Video, L.B.O. Entertainment, Nitro Productions, Blue Coral Video, Exquisite, Flying Leap Productions, Indian Sex Goddess, Video Magazine 7, Ed Powers, Monster Facials,
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Nadia Nyce filmography 2010:
Nadia Nyce Indian Sex Goddess 2 (Exquisite).
Nadia Nyce filmography 2007:
Nadia Nyce Indian Sex Goddess (Exquisite).
Nadia Nyce filmography 2006:
Anal Xcess 2 (Mach 2 Entertainment), Punjab Pussies (Gentlemen's Video).
Nadia Nyce filmography 2005:
Deported Tres Equis XXX Spicy Latinas (Adam & Eve).
Nadia Nyce filmography 2004:
I Survived a Rodney Blast 3 (as Nadia Nyce), Monster Facials 3 (Rodnievision), Roxy (Leisure Time Entertainment), World of Rodney (Rodnievision).
Nadia Nyce filmography 2003:
Monster Facials 2 (Rodnievision).
Nadia Nyce filmography 2002:
Monster Facials 1 (Rodnievision), Indian Porn (Rodney Moore), Pakistani Poon (Rodney Moore).
Nadia Nyce filmography 1999:
Lovin' Spoonfuls 24 (4-Play Video).
Nadia Nyce filmography 1997:
Creme De La Face 18: Cum Mops (Odyssey), Female Climax (Leisure Time Entertainment), Rodney Blasts The Stars (Odyssey).
Nadia Nyce filmography 1996:
Creme De La Face 12: Pretty Face To Cum On (Odyssey), Creme De La Face 13: Nine Nasty Nymphs (Odyssey), Creme De La Face 14: Ten Tasty Trollops (Odyssey), Creme De La Face 16: Eight Ladies Licking (Odyssey), Cum to Drink of It (Blue Coral Video), CUM TV (Nitro Productions), Jack U Later (L.B.O. Entertainment), King Kum (L.B.O. Entertainment), Petite And Sweet 8 (Leisure Time Entertainment), Puritan Magazine 7 (Legend Video), Rodney Moore's High Heeled And Horny 4 (L.B.O. Entertainment), Rodney Moore's Pussy Fest of the Northwest 5: Skyline Sluts (Nitro Productions), Rodney's Rookies Special Edition (Rodnievision), Snatch Masters 18 (Leisure Time Entertainment), Throbbing Threesomes (Nitro Productions).
Nadia Nyce filmography 1995:
Video documentary Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 20 (as Nadia Nyce), Creme De La Face 5: Just For The Cum Of It (Odyssey), Creme De La Face 6: All Kinds Of Girls Love Cum (Odyssey), Creme De La Face 7: Cumming on a Face Near You (Odyssey), Creme De La Face 8: Want A Blow Job (Odyssey), Creme De La Face 9: Princess Of Cream (Odyssey), Cum for Dinner (Blue Coral Video), Cumm Brothers 7: Honeymoon On Uranus (Odyssey), Cumm Brothers 8: Escape From Uranus (Odyssey), Debutante Dreams (4-Play Video), Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 20 (Flying Leap Productions), Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 22 (Flying Leap Productions), Dirty Dating Service 7 (Wicked Pictures), Girls Just Wanna Have Cum (Odyssey), More Dirty Debutantes 43 (4-Play Video), Nadia Nyce: Indian Sex Goddess (Rodnievision), Rodney Moore's High Heeled And Horny 2 (L.B.O. Entertainment), Rodney Moore's High Heeled And Horny 3 (L.B.O. Entertainment), Rodney Moore's How To Make A Model 5 (L.B.O. Entertainment), Rodney Moore's How To Make A Model 6 (L.B.O. Entertainment), Rodney Moore's Lusty Lap Dancers 1 (Filmco Releasing), Rodney Moore's Lusty Lap Dancers 2 (Filmco Releasing), Rodney Moore's North West Pecker Trek 6 (L.B.O. Entertainment), Rodney Moore's The Doctor is In 1 (Nitro Productions), Rodney Moore's The Doctor is In 2 (Nitro Productions), Rodney Moore's The Doctor is In 3 (Nitro Productions), Teacher's Pet Lesson 2 (Apple), Teacher's Pet Lesson 3 (Apple), Teacher's Pet Lesson 4 (Apple), World Sex Tour 1 (Anabolic Video), World Sex Tour 2 (Anabolic Video), Yum Yum I Luv Cum (Blue Coral Video).
Nadia Nyce filmography 1994:
Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 10 (4-Play Video).
June 6 1973
British-Indian actress Nadia Nyce was born in Manchester, England, UK on June 6, 1973.
June 6, 1973
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