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May 2 1994

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Four Elements
Your Element is Earth

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Ancient classic element systems

Elements, in classical thought, are four 4, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire occur frequently. There is a fifth 5th element or quintessence, quint meaning 5th fifth, called Aether in ancient India and ancient Greece. Both Hinduism and Buddhism used the concept of the five elements as there basis of analysis. In the esoteric context, the four elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire are described as a matter, and interestingly enough, describes the 5th fifth element as being, beyond the material world. In ancient China and Japan, similar writings exist. Elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire may be introduced with 2 other elements like in Buddhism where the elements are not viewed as substances but as sensory experience.



Positive Keywords

practical, efficient, organized, realistic, patient, self-disciplined, hard-working, productive, enduring, persistent, dependable, stable, good common sense

Negative Keywords

slow, stodgy, lacking in vision, unimaginative, petty, excessively conventional, narrow-minded, stubborn, resistant to change, hoarding, ultra conservative


Earth / Fire

Just as Fire does, It sets Earth Ablaze giving it passion and intensity. Earth provides Fire discipline and much needed knowledge as well acts as a basis in the Fire signs life, because without Earths nutrients, Fire cant rage until Earth regrows.

Earth / Air

Air as the ability to provide Earth its warmth of cold chilly shoulder, all depending on Airs mood, through it temperature. Earth struggles to get Air pushed down to a level where it can see a world for its beauty, then another concept prepared to be analyzed.

Earth / Water

The Earth sign uses the nourishment from Water so it may grow to its maximum potential, and feels comfortable find a home in Earth. Earths Love for the Waters life force provides Earth the force in giving energy.

Symbol Meaning

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the signs of the Earth. These folks never rush into battle without thoroughly examining the chances and outcomes. Building a solid base, setting realistic targets and working withing a practical measures this is Earth people. Some of the people born under the earth symbol show great deal of dependance on others. Very well organized and stubborn Earth signs do get the job done, maybe it will take them a long time, but the result will be satisfying.