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What Is My Egyptian Zodiac Sign & My Egyptian Horoscope, Egyptian Astrology Chart

Dec 12 2012

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Egyptian Traditional
Your Egyptian God / Goddess is Osiris

Your Egyptian Traditional

God / Goddess
Birth Color(s)
Birth Flower(s)
Holly, Poinsettia, Narcissus, Orchid
Birth Stone(s)
Blue Topaz, Turquoise
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
5, 7
Tin (Stannum)
Medical Astrology
hips and thighs

About Egyptian Traditional Horoscope

The Egyptian Zodiac is very similar to the Pharaoh Zodiac system which also uses twelve 12 signs but with minor differences. An example is the Egyptian zodiac uses different signs then the Pharaoh zodiacs. Egyptians had tremendous knowledge of the twelve 12 zodiac signs but are said not to have actually invented them. It is believed the twelve 12 zodiac signs are from the Babylonians. Egyptians gained knowledge from the Greeks about the zodiac signs during the Ptolemaic period, and from this Egyptians differentiated their zodiacal system using different shapes from the ones commonly used today.


Osiris (Oser, Aser, Asar, Usire)

Patron Of

the Underworld, the dead, past Pharaohs, agriculture, fertility


In his original form, a green-skinned man dressed in the raiment of a pharaoh. Following the Legend of Osiris, he appears as a green-skinned man in the form of a mummified pharaoh. He is often depicted wearing the atef crown with a pair of ram horns at its base.


Dynamic, intelligent, always opportunity-taking and enterprising.


Avoid responsibility.

Compatible Signs

Isis, Thoth

Symbol Meaning

Osiris was resurrected by Isis, as Osiris was killed by his brother Seth. Born in the sign of Osiris symbolizes rejuvenation and new beginnings. The Osiris sign also means he has been there and come back. Osiris individuals are also said to be skillful, have perfect intuition. Occasionally depressed for Osiris people have active lifestyles. Osiris is also the god of the nether world. People born under this sign are emotionally perplexing and misunderstood. Osiris was the Primary deity. Second in power after his father Ra, leader of the gods on earth. Being killed by Set, Osiris the load of the dead in the underworld. Isis resurrecting Osiris after he was killed, using the ritual of life. This tool was later given to Egyptians to give eternal life to all of their dead. In the book of the dead, Osiris has a great throne in the underworld, and praised by the souls. To enter the Blessed land you must be worth and pass the test of the underworld. Enter the place in the underworld called the land of the living, excluding the pain and sorrow. Osiris as the Judge of final judgment over the hearts of the dead.