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What Is My Aztec Zodiac Sign & My Aztec Horoscope, Aztec Astrology Chart

Jan 19 1966

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Aztec Horoscope
Your Aztec Symbol is Reed

Your Aztec Horoscope

Aztec Horoscope Sign
Reed (Acatl)
Aztec Day Sign God
Birth Color(s)
Red, Pink, White
Birth Flower(s)
Carnation, Snowdrop
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
8, 2
Lead (Plumbum)
Medical Astrology
knees and bones

About Aztec Horoscope

The Aztec Calendar system was used by Aztecs and other groups in Mexico. The Aztec were Mesoamerican people how have been shared the basic structure of Mesoamerican calendar throughout ancient Mesoamerica. The Aztec calendar divides a year into a sequence of twenty 20 days, there for making a total of eighteen 18 months per year, and the remaining 5 days are said to be considered as, days of misfortune. This Aztec calendar annual circulation does not start over annually like most common calendars. Aztec signs include, Cipactli, Ehecatl, Calli, Cuetzpalin, Coatl, Miquiztli, Mazatl, Tochtli, Atl, Itzuintli, Ozomahtli, Malinalli, Acatl, Ocelotl, Cuauhtli, Cozcacuauhtli, Ollin, Tecpatl, Quiahuitl, and Xochitl.


Reed "Acatl"

Symbol Meaning

The Aztec Zodiac sign Reed is ruled by Tezacatlipoca. People mainly characterized by ability to read others thoughts, also being quite sacrifice. This deity is one of main gods for Aztecs. Tezacatlipoca is knows to ignite movements towards wars and conflicts. People who lived Mexican territories were afraid of him because of his destructive powers. Being born on this day you will be recognized for somewhat sorcerer like behavior. Other people will feel like you have a governing over their destiny.