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Mihaela Mihnea Planet Horoscope, Mihaela Mihnea Zodiac And Ruling Planets

Mihaela Mihnea

Mihaela Mihnea

Real Name:
Mihaela Mihnea
Known As:
Mihaela Mihnea
Place of Birth:
unknown, Moldova
Born / Date of birth:
Apr 07 1988 (age 27)

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Ruling Planet Horoscope
Mihaela Mihnea's Ruling Planet is Mars
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Mihaela Mihnea's Ruling Planet Horoscope

Ruling Planet
Birth Color(s)
Pink, Purple
Birth Flower(s)
Daisy, Sweet Pea
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
Iron (Ferrum)
Medical Astrology

About Ruling Planets

Ruling Planets has one 1 or two 2 rulerships over zodiac signs. The symbolism associated with planets relates to zodiac signs along with houses of the horoscope in their various rulerships. Astrologers started to match qualities and energies of zodiac signs and planets through observations over time. An example is Aries which is ruled by Mars and has a similar characterizes and description. Mars, the first house which deals with a persons physical health, strength, the manner in which they project themselves. A Ruling Planet and its energies are the primary influence. Ruling Planets include the following, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Proserpine, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Chiron, Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter.


Mars "I act"

Best Qualities


Worst Qualities


Symbol Meaning

Mars is the exact opposite as Venus. Mars is all male, and Venus is the exact opposite. Mars is about conflict, aggression and war, whereas Venus is about harmony. Physical energy is represented by Mars. Your forcefulness, aggressions and your sex drive are governed by this energy. Things that stimulate activity are associated with your desires and aspirations. Wanting is the first step, before reaching out and taking it. Action is what Mars is about, thus giving you the ability to turn ideas into action. Vitality, energy level and action style are Mars natal chart indications. However the females natal chart for Mars suggest one factor, the type of man she attracts. Mars in highest form represents your unloads energy and human will. A dose of ambition and assertiveness are given by a controlled Mars, while at its worst, it makes on prone to anger, destructive behavior, danger, and cruelty. Use this force constructively.