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Anna Zhilenkova Life Path Number

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Merilyn Sakova

Merilyn Sakova's Life Path

The Life Path Number is a very influencial number, a destiny in ones life. It is an indication on the path one should take to fulfill his or her destiny. Along with the Life Path Number, one gains special abilities and talents which everyone has within themselves.
Some numerologists use master numbers and some break those master numbers in single digits. Those with master numbers will have descriptions for both the single and master digit numbers.
Full Name at Birth Anna Zhilenkova
Short version of name used Merilyn Sakova
Merilyn Sakova's date of birth April 7, 1985
Merilyn Sakova's Total Sum is 16
Merilyn Sakova's Final Number is 7
Life Path Meanings
Life Path Number 7 ( as single digit )
7 is Anna Zhilenkova Life Path Number. A thinker, analyzing and the search for knowledge keeps Merilyn Sakova going. Looking to find the answers for ones questions. Seeking the truth. One enjoys being alone, finding the answers to life, and has a very creative mind. One prefers to find his or her own answers to problems, and does need help from others. The down fall of this trait is, the incapability of having long lasting relationships. One gets annoyed and frustrated when ones privacy is invaded. It is necessary to ground ones self to balance these traits, become social, communicate and allow to become more free. This will open the oppertunity for true love. Those born with the Life Path Number 7 tend to have good charm, sense of humor, social with others when in gatherings, and attractive to the opposite sex. It is not uncommon to displaying ones knowledge and smartness when in groups, but do tend bend the truth just a little. One does not accept those around easily and protects ones self with isolation. Beware of this trait as isloation can bring heavy depression and loneliness. There must be balance and it must come from finding a friend or partner in life. Experience love, and try not to shut down loved ones. The thought of thinking one is the center of the universe can bring jealousy, and selfishness. Become more social, and open the doors. Enjoy what the world has to offer. This will allow one to study, and learn more about what is important in life. What one truly wants and needs. Without this experience, one will not know what is missing in his or her life. One must not forget that opening the doors to new people, opens the door to new oppertunities such as relationships and careers.

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