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Levy Li Greek Gods Zodiac Sign, Levy Li Ancient Greek Horoscope

Levy Li

Levy Li

Real Name:
Levy Li Su Lin
Known As:
Levy Li
Place of Birth:
unknown, Malaysia
Born / Date of birth:
Oct 20 1987 (age 27)

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Greek Horoscope
Levy Li's Greek God/Goddess is Themis
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Levy Li's Ancient Greek Horoscope

God / Goddess
Birth Color(s)
Birth Flower(s)
Calendula, Marigold, Cosmos
Birth Stone(s)
Opal, Tourmaline
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
6, 9
Cooper (Cuprum)
Medical Astrology
kidneys and lumbar region

About Greek Horoscope

Greek Mythology, ancient Greece used zodiac signs that were identified by constellations of twelve 12 groups of stars, which can be seen at night during different times of the year. Earth, Air, Fire and Water were also associated with the stars. The definition of zodiac is, the circle of animals, referring to all living creatures. Each myth is associated with living beings, either humans or animals, with the exception of Libra. The Gods and Goddesses in Greek Mythology include the following, Ares, Aphrodite, Hermes, Artemis, Apollon, Persephone, Themis, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Uranus and Poseidon.



Symbol Meaning

Goddess Themis is the true image of customs, law and order. Themis means the law of nature. Known for having good counseling capabilities. Essentially when dealing with people, she has great abilities in organizing meetings, and able to manage huge groups of people. Everything seems to be perfect with Themis. It is said she stands by people who follow the rules set by society and also to be known as the divine voice.