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Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti Gypsy Zodiac Sign, Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti Gypsy Horoscope

Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti

Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti

Real Name:
Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti
Known As:
Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti
Place of Birth:
Panama City, Panama
Born / Date of birth:
Mar 29 1971 (age 44)

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Gypsy Horoscope
Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti's Gypsy Sign is Dagger
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Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti's Gypsy Horoscope

Gypsy Symbol
Birth Color(s)
Birth Flower(s)
Daffodil, Jonquil
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
Iron (Ferrum)
Medical Astrology

About Gypsy Horoscope

Real or pretended Gypsies have long made their living as fortune tellers which is a well known fact. But not many people know there is a Gypsy horoscope, which has roots all the way to the middle ages. The Gypsy horoscope follows the traditional western horoscope, which is divided into twelve 12 sections, each corresponding with one 1 of the months, same as the western zodiac wheel. Symbols or signs in the Gypsy horoscope reflect more things which were important to gypsies at the time, such as lamp, knife, horseshoe, crown etc. Each Gypsy sign express interesting horoscope outlooks or views.



Symbol Meaning

The Gypsy Dagger symbol stands for unbreakable willingness to be a champion. Honor and victory drive you in life. People of this sign are unmovable and firm. You really do not enjoy being underrated. Daggers certainly know how to control your financial matters. Your best field of work is in leadership positions, but try yourself in various sports. You will be often in angry mood and that is a positive trait for your goals of running for the first place. Also many of the Daggers were lucky in games of chance.