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Shauna D Leake Attitude Number

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Jayna Oso

Jayna Oso's Attitude

An Attitude Number is a look into a persons characteristics which they present to the world.
Some numerologists use master numbers and some break those master numbers in single digits. Those with master numbers will have descriptions for both the single and master digit numbers.
Full Name at Birth Shauna D Leake
Short version of name used Jayna Oso
Jayna Oso's date of birth August 17, 1981
Jayna Oso's Total Sum is 16
Jayna Oso's Final Number is 7
Attitude Number Meanings
Attitude Number 7
Shauna D Leake Attitude Number is 7. With Attitude Number 7, it is hard to know what they are feeling or thinking. Keeping to themselves. The Attitude Number 7 is in search of finding answers to why they are here. Asking the big and important questions. As time passes they slowly reveal themselves to you, but can quickly turn off and make you feel as they are not interested in you. It is there way to observe you, as they dont miss a single thing.
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