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Galit Gutman Japanese Zodiac Signs, Galit Gutman Japanese Horoscope

Galit Gutman

Galit Gutman

Real Name:
Galit Gutman
Known As:
Galit Gutman
Place of Birth:
unknown, Israel
Born / Date of birth:
Sep 23 1972 (age 43)

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Japanese Zodiac Sign
Galit Gutman's Japanese Zodiac Sign is Nezumi
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Galit Gutman's Japanese Horoscope

Japanese Animal Symbol
Nezumi 子 (Rat)
Birth Color(s)
Pink, Purple
Birth Flower(s)
Aster, Morning Glory
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
3, 5
Mercury (Hydrargyrum)
Medical Astrology
abdomen and digestive system

About Japanese Horoscope

The Japanese Zodiac system is very similar to the Chinese Zodiac system using the twelve 12 zodiac signs, where the astronomy and cosmology based system uses divination to measure time as well as to predict events in the future and determine a persons character. The Japanese zodiac system has minor changes from the Chinese zodiac system, for example the pig has been replaced by a boar. Also the Kanji for these characters are different than the ones in daily use. Japanese zodiac readings consider the following, Time Zone, Direction, Twelve 12 animal blocks, and personalities of the associated animals. The Japanese zodiac signs consist of, Uma Horse, Hitsuji Sheep, Saru Monkey, Tori Rooster, Inu Dog, Inoshishi Boar, Nezumi Rat, Ushi Ox, Tora Tiger, Usagi Rabbit, Tatsu Dragon, and Hebi Snake.


Nezumi 子 (Rat)


Ox, Dragon, Monkey

Symbol Meaning

Charming and attraction for the opposite sex is what individuals carry if born under the Rat year. Individuals born in this year are usually hardworking and often financially wealthy. You may likely be a perfectionist. Gossiping and easily angered is what Rats usually are. Another great trait is Rats are usually ambitious and usually very successful. The rat is also affiliated with the mouse. Mice are social and also supports his friend in generous ways. Family is important to the mouse, and will fight for it. As for being compatible to others, This Year is most compatible with people born as Dragons, Monkeys, and Oxs.