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Drake Zodiac Sign and Drake Horoscope



Real Name:
Aubrey Drake Graham
Known As:
Place of Birth:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Born / Date of birth:
Oct 24 1986 (age 28)

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Zodiac Sign
Drake's Zodiac Sign is Libra
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Drake's Western Zodiac

Latin Name
English Name
The Scales
Greek Name
Sanskrit Name
Tula (तुला)
Sumero Babylonian Name
zibanitum "The Scales"
Birth Color(s)
Birth Flower(s)
Calendula, Marigold, Cosmos
Birth Stone(s)
Opal, Tourmaline
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
6, 9
Cooper (Cuprum)
Medical Astrology
kidneys and lumbar region

About Western Zodiac

Western zodiac astrology is the most popular astrology system in Western Countries. This western zodiac astrology comes from the Hellenistic and Babylonian traditions, which was continued by Ptolemys Tetrabiblos, second 2nd century AD, now used as todays western astrology. The western astrology, mainly horoscopic, is based on an individuals date of birth, the position of the sun at birth, using sun sign astrology to construct an individuals horoscope divination. The western zodiac is a belt or band of constellations, which planets, moon, and the sun move across the sky. Astrologers over time developed a twelve 12 sign zodiac system, Aries Ram, Taurus Bull, Gemini Twins, Cancer Crab, Leo Lion, Virgo Virgin, Libra Scale, Scorpio Scorpion, Sagittarius Archer, Capricorn Sea Goat, Aquarius Water Bearer, Pisces Fish, from constellations that are Enlightened by the mind.




Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius

Symbol Meaning

Stability, balance, justice, are all signs of a Libra. Libras are very outgoing and will go to extreme measures if they feel unsatisfied with their goals. They easily find themselves surrounded by harmony and beauty. Libras are very understanding, caring, and have keep intuitions, often not giving themselves credit for their perceptions. Also shy and quiet when they aren’t pushed to open up. Libras ruling planet is Venus.