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Diane DeLuna Zodiac Tarot Cards Meaning and Diane DeLuna Horoscope Tarot Card

Diane DeLuna

Diane DeLuna

Real Name:
Diane DeLuna
Known As:
Diane DeLuna
Place of Birth:
Las Vegas Nevada, United States
Born / Date of birth:
Mar 14 1987 (age 28)

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Horoscope Tarot Card
Diane DeLuna's Tarot Card is Moon
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Diane DeLuna's Tarot Horoscope Card

Tarot Card
Birth Color(s)
Birth Flower(s)
Daffodil, Jonquil
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Sea green
Lucky Number(s)
2, 6
Tin (Stannum)
Medical Astrology

About Horoscope Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards were first known as Trionfi, and later known as Tarochhi, Tarock, and others. Tarot cards are made up of a pack of cards commonly numbering seventy eight 78. Since the late eighteenth 18th century until present day, tarot cards were used as a map of mental and spiritual pathways. The seventy eight 78 Tarot card deck used by esotericists has two 2 distinct parts, The Major Arcana, greater secrets or trump cards which consists of twenty two 22 cards without suits, and the Minor Arcana, lesser secrets which consists of fifty six 56 cards, divided into four 4 suits of fourteen 14 cards each, ten 10 numbered cards, and four 4 court cards. Major Arcana consist of the following, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement, The World and The Fool. Minor Arcana consists of the following, The court cards, the King, Queen, Knight and Page Jack, in each of the four 4 tarot suits.

Tarot Card


Tarot Card Story

Through the night the fool travels following the star, as the full Moon rises, illuminating him a path. As he begins to feel disoriented, just like when sleep walking, he passes between 2 two ancient and strange pillars. He suddenly finds himself in another land entirely. Being in the presence of the High Priestess, he had a glimpse of this dark land behind her throne. Later hanging from the tree, he found himself between the physical world and this one. Here he finds the mysteries he has been looking for. A place where artists, musicians, poets live with very different rules. As wolves run wild, hunting along side maidens with bows and arrows. Now standing in hip deep river, once was a path. Nearby the shore, there is a small boat with no rudder. He realizes he has 2 two choices. To lose himself in this primal land of madness and illusions, run with the wolves and be hunted down or he can use the boat and trust himself on the river. At night, the moon controls his boat flows direction taking him somewhere. Vision, inspiration and genius are rewards of such moon magic. He gets into the boat and hes off. The water sweeps him away, the moons light opens a path for him as he feels the dark land gazing down at him with the Priestess approving eyes.

Tarot Card Meaning

Poetry, genius, madness, visions and illusions is what the moon is all about, with Pisces as its ruling sign. Powerful magic, intuition, astonishing creativity and breakthroughs is the moon cards best. As you receive this card, you should be warned as you may be going through a time of mental and emotional state, at a time when they do things that make sense but then asking yourself why did do that? This is not a time to make good decisions which requires a clear head and rational thought. While at this time, the mind is playing tricks on them. As for relationships, this card can signal a crazy time for relationships, whirlwind romances, powerful and dreamlike, but definitely not trustworthy. It’s a time of emotional ups and downs. Those with past mental problems should be vigilant in taking medication and see a therapist. Good idea is to avoid recreational drugs or alcohol, as they will have a bad reaction if taken. Querents may not be trustworthy, but they have intuitive flashes which are remarkably accurate. At a time when moon signals creativity, gives enhanced psychic powers and visions.

Tarot Card Thirteen Observations

Dark magic, artistic talents, scary, dreamy, secret otherworld is what this card tells. The card for the most extreme types of people who seem to be straddling between artistic genius and psychopath. Wild, mean, crazy drunks produce groundbreaking works with pens and paintbrushes. Wicked mood swings, dark depressions and charming manic modes delivers your musicians. These individuals have no inhibitions and don’t even control themselves in polite society. Sometimes dangerous, embarrassing and inspiring, are their behaviors. But the poetry, art, music they create are magic. This is the place they find themselves after weeks of fasting, praying, and meditation. The magical forest in fairy tales, wasteland myths where heroes meet with oracles, spirits, sphinxes and their own shadows. When we go to this land, there is no predicting what will happen, and how it will change or affect us. The moon becomes the wild card for the Major Arcana. When you get this card, you should be warned that youre in for an emotional and mental rollercoaster ride. Youre going to be sensitive, and moody. There are 2 options that can be taken, wander through this crazy landscape drunk, depressed and alienate from friends and family or get on a boat and ride through it purposefully. Maybe taking up painting, writing, or another creative endeavor where you are able to transform youre seeing and feeling into something unique.