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Demetress Carte Bell Period Cycles Numbers

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Demetress Bell

Demetress Bell's Period Cycles

Like everyone on this planet, we go through different periods of life. The 1st Period, the beginning, the start of life, finding ourselves, coping with forces such as our family, environment, which tend to shape our lives. The 2nd Period, the mid life, shows our talents, and individualism. Through the 30s we seek the urge to find a place in the world. While through our late 30s to the beginning of our 50s we become influencial and masters in our fields. The 3rd Period, the last past of our lives, we find what we truly are. We become greatly self expressed. These cycles are based on our date of birth. The Life Path determines ones Period Cycles and the exact age they are made.
Some numerologists use master numbers and some break those master numbers in single digits. Those with master numbers will have descriptions for both the single and master digit numbers.
Full Name at Birth Demetress Carte Bell
Short version of name used Demetress Bell
Demetress Bell's date of birth May 3, 1984
Demetress Bell's 1st Period Cycle Number is 5/5
Demetress Bell's 2nd Period Cycle Number is 3/3
Demetress Bell's 3rd Period Cycle Number is 22/4
Demetress Bell's Start of 1st Period Cycle1984 ( 5 )
Demetress Bell's Start of 2nd Period Cycle2015 ( 31-32 )
Demetress Bell's Start of 3rd Period Cycle2042 ( 58-59 )
Period Cycles Meanings
1st Period Cycle Number 5 ( as single digit )
The number 5 is Demetress Carte Bell Period Cycle number. There will be much traveling, location changes in residence, and even jobs. With this comes intense change of progress, and learning a lot about ones freedom. One becomes a great speaker, and very successful in self promoting. Those with the Period Cycle number 5 are great in learning new languages, and writing. Through travels, and new experiences, one will find their true identity, meet new people, and new oppertunities will emerge.

2nd Period Cycle Number 3 ( as single digit )
3 is Demetress Carte Bell Period Cycle number. In this cycles ones talents in dancing, acting, will be enchanced and rewarded. One will receive a lot of support from others as ones self expression will be at its high. In this Period Cycle one becomes very socially active, charming, and charismatic. It is important not to exhaust all ones energy towards to many projects, and relationships which have no future. Focus this time in fulfilling ones life.

3rd Period Cycle Number 4 ( as single digit )
Demetress Carte Bell Period Cycle Number is 4. During this time, one must focus on building a solid, career, friendships, and family. Seeking idealism, and financial stability. Those with the number 4 Period Cycle number tend to over concerned, which then requires much energy to break free of. It is time to focus on discipline, self motivation and search for work one loves to do. It is important not to abuse and neglect individuals around. Through hard work, one can expect that these characteristics helpful in building a stronger, job, friendships, and family.

3rd Period Cycle Number 22 ( master number )
The Period Cycle number 22 is Demetress Carte Bell number. Those with the Period Cycle 22 are known to have enhanced visionary and architectual talents. This abilities one possesses during this time are at its peak. Many close individuals around will benefit from Demetress Carte Bell ideals. There is a skill inside Demetress Carte Bell that enables one to understand people, their needs, and be able to provide them with that fulfillment. It is good to focus and commit to work during this time. The talents one holds during this Period Cycle will last a lifetime and require all the power and talent one has to gain personal reward and satisfaction. The energy that is exhausted during this time contributes to ones inner happiness and those closes to Demetress Bell.
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