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David Baldacci Angel Zodiac Sign and David Baldacci Birth Angels

David Baldacci

David Baldacci

Real Name:
David Baldacci
Known As:
David Baldacci
Place of Birth:
Richmond, Virginia, United States
Born / Date of birth:
Aug 05 1960 (age 55)

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David Baldacci's Angelic Horoscope

Sun Angel
Birth Color(s)
Birth Flower(s)
Gladiolus, Poppy
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
8, 9
Gold (Aurum)
Medical Astrology
heart and upper back

About Angelic Horoscope

In Angelic Astrology, there are angles and archangels who rule the astrological zodiac and associated sun, star signs. Split into twelve 12 astrological zodiac signs which are associated with twelve 12 constellations and the angels of the zodiac. To live another life, reincarnation, we are given the opportunity to select a star sign we feel is necessary, in order for us to learn the life lessons of our experiences. For our growth, we are told lessons most important to each of us, and at this time given information about the star sign that will most benefit our main learning experiences, which also include the pitfalls we may encounter once reincarnated. The Angelic Zodiac helps us understand our astrological birth sign, the relevance to our life path and soul purpose. Angelic Astrology tells us our inherent traits and personality.




King, Child, Actor

Symbol Meaning

Angel Michael controls Blue Ray, Sunday and our star the Sun. He also overlooks South. This angel helps people with communication and protection. Often people who are ruled by him find themselves looking for unknown and controversial things. People born in the sign of Leo are gifted with exceptional organization skills. Being associated with zodiac sign Leo, people spend lives looking for fame and fortune. They are recognized for generosity towards their loved ones.