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Daria Strokous Mayan Zodiac Sign, Daria Strokous Mayan Horoscope Gods

Daria Strokous

Daria Strokous

Real Name:
Daria Strokous
Known As:
Daria Strokous
Place of Birth:
Moscow, Russian Federation
Born / Date of birth:
Sep 25 1990 (age 25)

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Mayan Horoscope
Daria Strokous's Mayan Sign is Zip
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Daria Strokous's Mayan Horoscope

Mayan Sign
Birth Color(s)
Pink, Purple
Birth Flower(s)
Aster, Morning Glory
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
3, 5
Mercury (Hydrargyrum)
Medical Astrology
abdomen and digestive system

About Mayan Horoscope

Mayan Astrology, based on the scared Mayan Tzolkin caldendar. Chol Qij sometimes called Tzolkin or count of days is made of a 26 day almanac, which are made up of twenty 20 naguals significant to our twelve 12 zodiacal signs, except they are considered to be alive and petitionable. In Mayan astrology naguals are preceded by numbers ranging from one 1 to thirteen 13 along with underlying meanings. 20 naguals multiplied by 13 equals 260 days. The numerical system origin is unknown but it is believed by Mayans that 260 days is the normal human gestation period. Ceremonies are performed to bring wealth, success, health, bless newlyweds, etc. The following make up the Mayan Astrology signs, Mol, Yaxkin, Xul, Tzec, Zotz, Zip, Uo, Pop, Uayeb, Cumhu, Kayab, Pax, Muan, Kankin, Mac, Ceh, Zac, Yax, and Chen.




Red Conjunction, Red Sky, Red Storm, Deer, Stag

Symbol Meaning

The sign of Zip has a very strong affinity for elements fire and air. Deer and more over the stag is your power animal. The deer symbolizes grace and the connection with the forest. And the staf becomes the noble leader of these forest people. You must embrace the energies of grace, and nobleness to the fullest in your life, while to all this red is your power color.