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Baraka Atkins Lucky Charm and Baraka Atkins Talisman

Baraka Atkins

Baraka Atkins

Real Name:
Baraka Atkins
Known As:
Baraka Atkins
Place of Birth:
Sarasota Florida, United States
Born / Date of birth:
Sep 28 1984 (age 31)

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Baraka Atkins's Lucky Charm

Birth Color(s)
Pink, Purple
Birth Flower(s)
Aster, Morning Glory
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
6, 9
Cooper (Cuprum)
Medical Astrology
kidneys and lumbar region

About Lucky Charm / Talisman

Amulets, talismans and other objects for happiness are very popular and have been known since ancient times. Some use them throughout their lives, others only occasionally, perhaps in different tests in schools, interviews, driving license tests and others.


People born in zodiac sign Libra knows that if you have stage fright, or nervousness, insecurity, or simply just do not believe in themself then a small stone might help. In many cases it is not a special stone from the shop, but it is plain grit that found anywhere in nature, it pleased them, or there was something striking about it.