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Alli Grove Pharaoh Zodiac Sign, Alli Grove Pharaoh Horoscope God

Alli Grove

Alli Grove

Real Name:
Alli Grove
Known As:
Alli Grove
Place of Birth:
Brooklyn Wisconsin, United States
Born / Date of birth:
Nov 23 1987 (age 28)

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Pharaoh Horoscope
Alli Grove's Pharaoh God / Goddess is Wadjet
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Alli Grove's Pharaoh Horoscope

God / Goddess
Birth Color(s)
Birth Flower(s)
Birth Stone(s)
Yellow Topaz, Citrine
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Burgundy and Black
Lucky Number(s)
2, 4
Iron (Ferrum)
Medical Astrology

About Pharaoh Horoscope

Pharaoh Zodiac signs came from ancient Greeks, but ancient Egyptians had already detailed a similar map of the stars hundreds of years before. Signs from the Pharaoh zodiacs are said to reflect the effect of stars on the destinies of people born on a specific group date. Just as the Western zodiac and Chinese zodiac, the Pharaoh zodiac system also uses the twelve 12 sign system. The Pharaoh zodiac signs include, Thoth, Horus, Wadget, Sekhmet, Sphinx, Shu, Isis, Osiris, Amun, Hathur, Phoenix, and the Anubis.


Wadjet (Wadget, Wadjyt, Wadjit, Uto, Uatchet, Edjo)

Patron Of

Lower Egypt


The rearing cobra


Strongly loyal to family values.


Pessimistic, haughty and sometimes unsociable and miserly.

Compatible Signs

Symbol Meaning

The symbol of knowledge and the goddess of the royal cobra. Born in the sign of Wadjet, describes being rational, cautions, self opinionated and ambitious. Wadjet become the goddess of heat and fire. Enhancing her role as a protector goddess. Protecting the pharaoh from enemies as she uses fierce powers of fire and poison. Nekhbet is Wadjets twin in duality. Wadjets powers linked her to become connected with the Eye of Ra. She also took the for a lioness, as other Eye of Ra goddesses did. She wears a solar disk of Ra which links her to the sun.