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Alina Popa Pharaoh Zodiac Sign, Alina Popa Pharaoh Horoscope God

Alina Popa

Alina Popa

Real Name:
Alina Popa
Known As:
Alina Popa
Place of Birth:
Braila, Romania
Born / Date of birth:
Oct 12 1978 (age 37)

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Pharaoh Horoscope
Alina Popa's Pharaoh God / Goddess is Horus
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Alina Popa's Pharaoh Horoscope

God / Goddess
Birth Color(s)
Birth Flower(s)
Calendula, Marigold, Cosmos
Birth Stone(s)
Opal, Tourmaline
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Lucky Number(s)
6, 9
Cooper (Cuprum)
Medical Astrology
kidneys and lumbar region

About Pharaoh Horoscope

Pharaoh Zodiac signs came from ancient Greeks, but ancient Egyptians had already detailed a similar map of the stars hundreds of years before. Signs from the Pharaoh zodiacs are said to reflect the effect of stars on the destinies of people born on a specific group date. Just as the Western zodiac and Chinese zodiac, the Pharaoh zodiac system also uses the twelve 12 sign system. The Pharaoh zodiac signs include, Thoth, Horus, Wadget, Sekhmet, Sphinx, Shu, Isis, Osiris, Amun, Hathur, Phoenix, and the Anubis.


Horus (Heru, Hor, Harendotes/Har-nedj-itef, Har-Pa-Neb-Taui)

Patron Of

The living Pharaoh, rulers, law, war, young men, light, the sun, many others depending on the particular variant.


His most common form is that of falcon-headed man, but he is also shown as a falcon, a lion with the head of a falcon, or a sphinx. He is also shown as a falcon resting on the neck of the pharaoh, spreading his wings to either side of the pharaohs head and whispering guidance in his ear.


Optimistic, brilliantly sociable and motivated to win the best in life.


Unrealistic, stubborn and reluctant to confront problems.

Compatible Signs

Geb, Bastet

Symbol Meaning

The Ancient Egyptian falcon god, Horus, patron of the stars and sky. Born in the sign of Horus, describes being a protector, having a vivid imagination and also being very close to nature. Individuals born as a Horus are hardworking and responsible in life. Also being the god of the shining sun. A Horus would sacrifice his life to avenge his fathers death. A Horus is also courageous. Horus has many forms, as Horus is used for many other number of falcon gods, many which were worshipped all over Egypt. Regarded as the prince of gods. Worshipping of Horus was brought from neighboring tribes, who invaded Egypt and then later settled. Also referred to as god of war. He provided protection to the Pharoahs. There is a popular story about Horus, where he battles against Set to avenge his fathers death Osiris. It is said he continues to battle Set to provide and ensure safety to the world.