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Agnete Hegelund Element Symbol, Agnete Hegelund Horoscope Four Elements

Agnete Hegelund

Agnete Hegelund

Real Name:
Agnete Hegelund
Known As:
Agnete Hegelund
Place of Birth:
Odense, Denmark
Born / Date of birth:
Mar 10 1988 (age 27)

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Four Elements
Agnete Hegelund's Element is Water
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Agnete Hegelund's Element Horoscope

Birth Color(s)
Birth Flower(s)
Daffodil, Jonquil
Birth Stone(s)
Lucky Day
Lucky Color(s)
Sea green
Lucky Number(s)
2, 6
Tin (Stannum)
Medical Astrology

Ancient classic element systems

Elements, in classical thought, are four 4, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire occur frequently. There is a fifth 5th element or quintessence, quint meaning 5th fifth, called Aether in ancient India and ancient Greece. Both Hinduism and Buddhism used the concept of the five elements as there basis of analysis. In the esoteric context, the four elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire are described as a matter, and interestingly enough, describes the 5th fifth element as being, beyond the material world. In ancient China and Japan, similar writings exist. Elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire may be introduced with 2 other elements like in Buddhism where the elements are not viewed as substances but as sensory experience.



Positive Keywords

deeply emotional, sympathetic, empathetic, nurturing, calm and peaceful, sensitive, compassionate, imaginative, intuitive, psychically aware

Negative Keywords

emotionally insecure and unstable, shy, timid, lacking in confidence, oversensitive, easily influenced and manipulated, withdrawn, uncommunicative, vindictive and vengeful, takes everything personally, moody and depressed


Water / Fire

Fire can be put out by water, but if the Fire is large, Water can dry up. When interacting, these 2 two signs should be careful. Fire has the ability to act, where the Water lacks, as well as motivation. Whereas Water provides sensitivity and patience. For a relationship to emerge, both Water and Fire must have a great deal of respect for each other, because both have the abilities to destroy each other.

Water / Earth

The Earth sign uses the nourishment from Water so it may grow to its maximum potential, and feels comfortable find a home in Earth. Earths Love for the Waters life force provides Earth the force in giving energy.

Water / Air

Can cause natural disasters like tornados, tsunamis, and hurricanes when these 2 two are combined. The Water sign and Air sign are able to work perfectly together if they don't let small conflicts get out of control.

Symbol Meaning

The element of Water represents energy, emotion and sensitivity. Those born a Cancer tend to provide great care for other people but by their late years do need more care for themselves as in comparison to other signs. Pisces is an energetic vampire, they will wear down anyone around them and move on like nothing happened. People being born a Scorpio know what they are looking for and precisely how to find it.