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  8.68%   David Rudder
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StarNoStar Ultimate Celebrity Star Horoscopes, complete Horoscope signs, Zodiac signs, Tarot, Mayan, Chinese, Greek, and many more. An astrological view on each celebrity and star. Connections. more

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Check out the newest winners of the StarNoStar award, given to the top stars and celebrities around the world. more

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Free Numerology Calculator

StarNoStar numerology reading gives you a complete look inside ones characteristics, the abilities and talents one carries. You can get your free numerology reading and find out everything you did not know about yourself or get a complete numerology report on your friends, your partner and see if there is a compatibility between you two. Enjoy StarNoStars Free numerology calculator and dont forget to share your numerology report with your friends.more

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Yulia Kharlapanova
Yulia Kharlapanova
Russian Model
Mohammed AlYafaee
Mohammed Ahmed AlYafae
Yemeni Athlete
Niclas y Glais
Thomas Evan Nicholas
Welsh Writer

Star Wiki

StarNoStar Wiki

Celebrity and Star Wiki star page. Direct access to celebrities biographies, rank, statistics, voting page, battle versus, frequent asked questions, etc. Go directly to your favorite celebrities. more

Da Vinci Body Measurements

Leonardo Da Vinci - Body Measurements

The Vitruvian Man, sometimes referred to as Canon of Proportions or Proportions of Man, gives you a visual outlook on your exact body proportions. Leornado Da Vincis secrets and mysteries brought to life. more

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Top Battle Charts on StarNoStar, Celebrities versus Celebrities. Celebrities currently leading the battle charts on StarNoStar. 10 Most popular celebrity battle winners leading the way. more

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Questions and Answers to the most basic information on celebrities and stars around the world. Most simplest and frequent asked questions on stars around the world. more

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Happy birthday to celebrities. Birthday celebrations, celebrity birthdays around the world. Stars currently celebrating birthday wishes. More celebrities are celebrating today. more

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Star Voting your favorite celebrities and stars. Celebrity view, votes from around the world. Stars voted into fame. Celebrity global voting by internet visitors 24/7. more

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Heated battles of the Day brought to you by StarNoStar. Celebrities versus Celebrities. This is Todays StarNoStar's battle of the day. Best Matches, Epic Battles, Hottest Celebrities, Stars and Celebrities in the spot light. Who has more fans, who has more followers? Fans and followers will determine the winner. Who will win this battle? Enjoy this match of the day on StarNoStar.

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